From: Glad to do this.  Vickie

Debbie Rice has worked with my kids as a mentor and friend for well over 6 years.  During this time, she has encouraged them to stretch themselves, develop their skills, take risks, and participate in leadership and community service projects.  All of these activities have prepared my daughters for both the college entrance and scholarship processes.  She has made them aware of how they need to prepare, what they should include in applications, she has critiqued their essays and offered suggestions for improvement.  As a parent with college-bound children, she has provided us with information on where to go for scholarships, what we should do to prepare our selves and our children, and has given us encouragement and a sympathetic ear when frustrating situations occurred.  As a result of her support, both of our children have received scholarships that will help as they begin their college endeavors, and both will finish their high school years with college credit they achieved through dual credit programs.  My children would not be where they are today if not for the encouragement and support they received from Debbie Rice.

     From: Mrs. Woody Murata
     Teacher/Believers Academy Teacher/AACE

To whom it may concern,

It has been a privilege to know and work with Debby Rice for the past 6 years. Our family includes 6 children, currently with 2 in college and one beginning in the fall of 2008. I remember how instrumental Debby was in helping me get organized for our “financial search”. There were times that she met with me privately for some individual attention and even went so far as to set up a “folder file” case for me to organize all my papers. In addition, Debby was faithful to e-mail me notices and reminders about scholarship opportunities that might apply to my children. I have always believed that Debby was committed to help students (and their parents) realize their dreams and goals. I continue to use Debby as a resource person and am thankful for her diligence and commitment to college bound families.

     From:  Belinda Vega and Yancy Vega Jr

You have definitely been  instrumental in my son, Yancy Vega’s education.  You have educated me in preparing him  for the dual credit program at San Antonio College and he has done very well.  I can attribute this to your kindness in taking time to help me prepare the Transcript and educate me on the process of what it takes to put my child through college.  I personally consider you our Homeschool Counselor…..   Thanks for helping out the homeschool community… Thank you

     From: Phyllis Jonas

This is a testimonial about the knowledge I have gained from 4 sessions with Deborah Rice and her COLLEGE COMPASS, NAVIGATING THE MAZE workshop.  Let me preface by saying that my daughter received a total of almost $38,000 in scholarships by her first day of college!  If a parent is serious about helping their child navigate the maze and stress of going from high school to college all on someone else’s nickel, then this workshop is their saving grace.  Ms. Rice provides the steps and organization techniques for you to follow.  I have recommended her to many others and will continue to do so.


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