Session Outline

Session 1 –Begin with the end in mind!

  • Getting Started – collecting information, motivation, etc.
  • Importance of knowing your child, natural talents & gifts.
  • How does this play into a career and why? Selection of College, College Majors & Career Aspirations!!
  • Yes, as early as middle school. This is your starting point, you still have time to explore all options!!
  • Extracurricular activities and their importance.
  • Very stressful time – emotional hurdles constantly
  • What are your student’s study habits?  Speed reading???

Session 2 –Getting Organized –Staying Organized!!

  • Set up file folders.
  • Transcripts
  • Items needed and their significance. Will go over again in session 3 & 4!!

Session 3 –College Entrance Requirements

  • SAT, ACT, SAT II’s
  • Dual Credits/AP Classes
  • CLEP Tests
  • Significance of GRADES
  • Working with colleges

Session 4 – Financial Aid

  • Grants & Scholarships how to find them, get them and more importantly keep them!!
  • Helpful hints after your child enters college!!
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