Over my many years of gathering information while preparing my children
for college, I realized that ORGANIZATION was the key to their success.

I have compiled a method where you can collect information in
a systematic way that will keep you organized and prepared.

I have also included a DVD with my 4-week workshop, and instructions on how to set up my organizational system.

Cost is only $100  (Paypal  Available Below!)

Within the Organizational System Kit you will receive:

Tabs and Labels – for a 25 opening file folder, (You will need to purchase your own file folder with at  least 25 openings,
most people have a preference, I do not include one.)

  • Handouts of all kinds (tons of information on how to get your child ready for college.)
  • A DVD of my 4-week workshop (6 hours of viewing – including questions from the audience).
  • A CD with 70+ samples including Texas Common Application, numerous scholarship applications, sample essays used for college admissions, charts to get your extracurricular activities organized and/or set up and much more.

Here is something else we offer that you may need…

For those of you who home school or attend private schools, I also offer Character Building/Christian Report Cards. Please check out my other website to see details. You may order my report cards using the order form below or click on Christian Report Cards and go to the “Ordering” link and click on the PayPal button to add it to the PayPal shopping cart that is linked to this website as well.

The above orders can be placed by either PayPal (click on button above) or details below:

  • mailing a check or money order
  • to Debby Rice, 1606 Forest Spring Street, San Antonio, Texas 78232
  • You may click HERE to send me an email to let me know you are ordering .
    Orders will be mailed ASAP after payment is received.

Thank You For Your Business!

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