Graduation Program

High School Graduation Program/Plan

The High School Graduation Program/Plan is a gauge to use for college entrance requirements.
This is essential in meeting with most University/Colleges requirements.

The best way to utilize your school’s or the program/plan below is by using my term “Begin with the end in mind.”  What career or occupation do you think your child might be interested in?  Find out what some of the college catalogs require for that major.  Example: Teaching – will need the standard Math and Science courses on the other hand Human Development – does not require the advanced Math and Science courses.  Try to have your child think ahead!  Below you will find a standard Graduation/Program Plan you will need to go to your own school districts website to get specific Graduation Programs/Plans!

This is only a guide and is not the requirements for your child’s school district!
Each school district has their own requirements!

  SWISD Graduation Plan

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SWISD Graduation Plan Planning 1

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