As a home school parent I worried most about my children’s transcript. Would the college or scholarship accept the grades and information on their transcript? Have I included all the information needed for the college or scholarship to process my child’s application? Would my transcript look professional? I can proudly say “yes” to all three questions.

I have worked with numerous home school families on their child’s transcript and not once was there a question as to its professionalism.

The process:

  • Pay for the first one hour transcript sessions ($25) using Paypal.
  • Call or email the necessary information.
  • I format your child’s information onto the transcript.
  • I mail you a front and back copy of their transcript on resume paper.
  • I will mail up to (5) copies and changes can be made within the first month.
  • Cost is a minimum of $25 an hour. I can almost guarantee that majority of the transcripts will take about an hour.

I will not keep a copy of their transcript or have a database. I am not responsible for information placed on the transcript. My role is to facilitate home school parents with a transcript format that is professional!

Samples Transcripts are below:

Sample Transcript 1

Sample Transcript 2

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