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My husband and I have lived in San Antonio for the past 33 years and love it here! I have three children that I homeschooled through high school. All three of my children have completed their college degrees or are in the process of completing their Masters. I have a Masters of Education – Curriculum & Instruction/Reading Specialist, a Bachelor’s in Food Service Management and two Associates degrees; Fashion Retail and Culinary Arts. I am currently a high school Family Consumer Science teacher at a local public school. I love teaching!


In 1991, a friend and  I created a homeschool report card. It was helpful to show this report card to friends and family to verify my children’s academic progress. The report cards can be used at various businesses for their academic reward programs. Contact deborarhice1@gmailcom for questions or orders.   Click on the post note for more information!


Using my home schooling knowledge and background I started counseling students and parents on college planning. The name is College Compass “Navigating the Maze”. I have done workshops for the several years and I have put together a file folder with a CD full of valuable information to organize and prepare students and parents for college.

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I have taught Bradley Childbirth Classes to at least 300 families over the 30 years and love assisting couples with their births. My main focus as part of the classes has always been nutrition – the single most important responsibility a mother has to ensure a healthy baby, healthy mom and healthy delivery.  Contact me at deborahrice1@gmail.com if you are interested in taking a class.  If you would like more information about The Bradley Method you can visit the national site:  http://www.bradleybirth.com and our local San Antonio site: http://www.sabradleyteachers.com.

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I am currently the Director Emeritus of Alamo Area Christian Educators, Inc. “Friday School” a very strong college bound home school co-op in San Antonio, Texas. We hold dance lessons each month and a yearly prom. My own children attended and graduated from homeschooling through “Friday School.”  Contact: http://www.fridayschool.com

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I would never ask anyone to do anything I would not do myself. For the last 27 years I have taken MXM, Essential Formula, Inc. vitamins. They have provided an additional food supplement to my diet. I feel they are the reason I am so energetic!


My husband I own a small sports trading card shop. We have owned the shop for the past eighteen years. It is located at 4177 Naco-Perrin, San Antonio, Texas 78217. My husband calls it “Home of the Hot Boxes.” It is a family centered sports trading card shop where all are welcome to share their love of sports teams, players with other sports aficionados. The best part of What’s on Second experience is Bruce Rice’s sports stories. Come by and check out our shop.  http://whatsonsecond.com/

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CONTACT:  deborahrice1@gmail.com